Dane Weber’s Presentations

Unicorn Project Five Ideals (AgileDC version):

  1. Locality and Simplicity
  2. Focus Flow and Joy
  3. Improvement of Daily Work
  4. Psychological Safety
  5. Customer Focus

Agile Coaching Approach

Agile Engineering

Before the project - Chapter 7 of The Pragmatic Programmer

Bend, or break - Chapter 5 of The Pragmatic Programmer

Consider Coding

Data Migration - The Smart Way

DevOps Fundamentals

Feedback Loop Engineering

Finding Purpose in Coaching

Please Stop Modernizing

Post-Incident Reviews

Right Proper VCR

Scaling Manifesto

Smooth Flow of Value

Team Structure Trade-Offs

Undercover Scrum Master

Meet Dane

Scrum Deconstructed

Engineering Team Vision

Small Batches

The Undercover Scrum Master Returns

The Undercover Scrum Master Returns (Streamlined)